Two students robbed and assaulted by same suspects

A bicyclist hit a student and threw his bike at the victim on the ground.

Elizabeth Cook

Two students were assaulted and robbed Sunday night, according to police.

At approximately 9:45 p.m., officers responded to a call behind Mariucci Arena, where a student said he was robbed.

The suspects had driven up in a white pickup truck and asked the student if he had any money, said Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University Police Department.

The group then punched and kicked the student before stealing his money, Johnson said.

Troy Buhta, a lieutenant with the University Police Department, said that after that incident, officers responded to the intersection of Oak Street Southeast and Delaware Street Southeast, where another student said he was assaulted.

This student also said that a group of men got out of a white pickup truck and asked him if he had any money, Buhta said.

When the student said he had only 50 cents, he was punched in the eye, Buhta said

Both victims refused medical attention; the incidents are still under investigation, Johnson said.

Hit twice by a bike

A bicyclist struck a University student Friday as the student was walking on the West Bank.

After the student fell to the ground, the bicyclist threw the bike on top of him.

A teaching assistant said she heard the two men arguing about whether the student was in the bicycle path.

“(The) bicyclist was livid,” the witness said.

When people began approaching the student to help him, the bicyclist threw the bike toward them, reports said.

The bicyclist suspect then left after witnesses told him to stay, Johnson said.

The suspect was seen throwing his bike into a nearby bike rack and running into the Rarig Center.

The victim had swelling and a scrape by his eye and a bump on his head.

An ambulance was called to the scene, but a police officer drove the student to Boynton Health Service.

Johnson said police are still looking for the bicyclist and urge anyone who has any information to call police.

Lurking in the ramp

At approximately midnight Monday, officers responded to a call at The Melrose parking ramp involving possible bike theft suspects.

A female witness said she was followed into the ramp by two suspicious men, Johnson said.

She told a security guard, who found the two men lurking by a bicycle rack inside the ramp, Johnson said.

Both men started to run away and one threw his backpack on the ground, Johnson said.

The security guard was able to catch one of the suspects and hold him until police arrived.

The backpack contained bolt cutters, Johnson said.

A citizen’s arrest was made against one suspect and he was issued a citation for lurking and was released, police said.

The other suspect got away, Johnson said.