Senate releases proposed bonding bill

The bill, while almost twice as large as the House version, gives the same amount of money to the University of Minneosta for construction projects.

Branden Largent

The University of Minnesota got another dose of bad news with the release of the Senate’s bonding bill proposal Wednesday.

The Senate’ proposed bonding bill allocates about $39 million for University construction projects, almost $40 million less than Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal and less than one-fourth of what the University originally requested.

Although the $496 million proposed in the Senate for construction projects around the state is almost twice as much as the House proposal, the two bills give identical funds to the University.

The Senate proposed $35 million for the Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement money, which is used for making repairs and improvements around campus —$15 million more than Dayton proposed, but $55 million short of what the Universtiy requested.

The remaining $4 million went to renovating the Itasca Biological Station and Labratories.

The bill left out the Old Main Utility Building renovation, which Dayton proposed meeting the University’s $54 million request.

Like the House’s and Dayton’s proposals, the bill left out the University’s $14 million request to renovate Eddy Hall.