Specifically, Lou Dobbs

The man who calls himself âÄúMr. IndependentâÄù is anything but when it comes to issues regarding Latinos. He uses his show as a soapbox to inform the country of ways in which undocumented immigrants singlehandedly are this countryâÄôs biggest problem on everything ranging from health care to election voter fraud. It is not clear why the Harvard educated man places so much blame on Latino undocumented immigrants, which he calls âÄúillegal aliens.âÄù Could it be that he is a modern day racist with his own sounding board on a national powerhouse network like CNN? Maybe that is going a little too far, but maybe itâÄôs not. One thing is clear when watching the Lou Dobbs show on CNN: He uses fear tactics to demonize Latino immigrants and people who watch his show rarely hear the Latino side of the issues he presents. Selsa Castillo University student