Fees process needs rationality

Jessica Moger

IâÄôm writing to the Daily to ask for some rational thinking about our student fees process. After all of the letters and the public forums, itâÄôs painfully apparent that a conservative political agenda is being pushed on the students here at the University of Minnesota. All of the organizations on campus that provide meaningful programs and extracurricular activities that add to the educational experience of all students have had funding cut or have seen minimal increases, while the three conservative groups on campus have seen more than $70,000 in funding increases. Additionally, the chairs of the committees are tied to these conservative organizations. They may think students are stupid, but weâÄôre not. Will the members of the fees committee that do not have an agenda please stand up against this madness? Please fund the organizations that actually add substance to the college experience and cut funding to the ones that obviously do not deserve such increases, as they had to wait for increases in their funding until some of their friends were on the committee. Jessica Moger University undergraduate student