Fix up Washington Avenue Bridge pedestrian walkway

Is there any uglier relic on the University of Minnesota campus than the covered pedestrian walkway on the Washington Avenue Bridge? Perhaps the Minnesota Daily should sponsor a contest to see if anyone can come up with a campus structure that is less appealing.

Not only does the walkway offend the eye with its rusting supports and crumbling plywood sides, but it really conveys a terrible message about the state of the campus.

Where’s our pride, when one of the most extensive campus structures is a depressing, faded maroon-and-gold monstrosity?

OK, the current structure does have some redeeming value. A creative array of advertisements for campus activities lines the internal walls, and we can always shelter from a blizzard in there.

Perhaps the College of Design could come up with a colorful reconstruction that could retain these functions and compliment the Weisman Art Museum.

How about a hot chocolate stand in the middle of the bridge that would attract more walkers?

Barring reconstruction, how about destruction? No covered walkway may be better than the current derelict eyesore.