Little Falls shooting trial near its end

Vanessa Nyarko

A trial for the deaths of Haile Kifer, 18, and Nick Brady, 17 – who were killed on Thanksgiving Day 2012 – is nearing its completion.

Byron Smith, 65, is standing trial for shooting the two cousins in his Little Falls home, reported the Star Tribune. Smith said he was protecting his home from burglars when he shot the teens.

The townspeople of Little Falls have avoided talking about the case publicly since the shooting.

However, that changed this week as prosecutors presented their case against Smith. Smith waived his right to testify.

The people of Little Falls consider the topic taboo because the blurred lines between those who support Smith and those who believe the shooting was senseless.



A previous version of this story used a headline that misled when the shooting occurred, which was Thanksgiving Day 2012.