Goldy supports diversity

I’d like to reply to Carol Sanders’ Oct. 16 letter about Goldy’s presence at a Coming Out Week event. Yes, Sanders, Goldy is, as you say, “a great representative of the University.” As that representative, Goldy has a responsibility and right to be at any event where students of any background desire his presence. Coming Out Week events are not “political” events, as you state. They are celebrations of pride, the same way athletic events are celebrations of pride. While Goldy’s presence at sporting events is important, I’m sure there are a few individuals who may not support the athletic “agenda” of the University. Yet, these people are not upset by Goldy representing our school at these events. With his presence at the Coming Out Week event, Goldy is saying “Go Gophers!” Goldy is supporting the GLBT community the same way I would expect him to support any of the cultural centers, the student government or any of the other fine student groups on our campus.

Explain to your children, Sanders, that the world is a diverse place and that Goldy, as a representative of our campus community, supports the diversity of the whole student population. Perhaps with those lessons, we can all work toward a more understanding and peaceful future.

Paul Eaton, senior, English and history