Minnesota-Duluth alum behind Bodyperks silicone nipples trend

K.C. Howard

While the Minnesota-born lingerie company Jockey celebrated its 125th anniversary in Wisconsin on Monday, a Minneapolis woman partied it up for the first anniversary of her undergarment invention – accentuated nipples.

Lori Barghini, a University of Minnesota-Duluth alumna, could not remain sitting at her Bodyperks, “Men love them, women envy them” nipple celebration.

She couldn’t, because every five seconds she received a kiss or a hug from congratulating friends attending the party at Oddfellows on 4th Avenue and Hennepin.

“I know there is nothing I can’t do because I’ve got the whole world talking about nipples,” she said.

Barghini got the idea two years ago when she and several friends stuck Treasure Island shampoo bottle caps in their bras for a night out in Las Vegas. The next morning the women came up with the “Bodyperks” idea – silicone nipples.

“When we wore them out it was magical,” she said.

Since then the trend progressed with the Washington Post, The London Evening Standard, the British Broadcasting Corporation and the July 1 episode of Sex in the City talking about the nipple enhancers.

For $20 women – or men – can order the nipples at www.bodyperks.com. The Web site was the most expensive addition to the company but also the main marketing tool for the past year. Nordstroms will sell the nipples as well.

Although Barghini and her friends are down-to-earth Minnesota women, they have reservations as to how the product will be accepted in the Midwest.

Although the “nipping-out” look is popular on runways and in L.A., Barghini said, “younger women from the Midwest probably won’t like it.”

Tim Mooney, who works for a local Internet company, agreed. “The Midwest is really conservative. Here this is perceived as scandalous.”

The product is most popular with women 27 and older, but Barghini claims the look can work for any woman.

Kim Brandt, 23, just graduated from college and said after the party she would invest in the product. “I think it would be fun.”

Men celebrating the first anniversary of Bodyperks had nothing but praise for Barghini.

“I think it’s a great novelty item,” said Jeff Feist, a liquor marketer for Oddfellows. “It’s all about getting attention. It’s something to talk about.”


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