Journalism school grant will aim to revitalize industry

Mike Rose

Being that this is a news website, I thought this was a pretty relevent, interesting nugget that I came across:

The University of Minnesota’s journalism school, in partnership with the Duluth News Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press, has received a $238,000 Minnesota Job Skills Program Grant to help revitalize the struggling newspaper industry. The school and the two papers are chipping in money too, bringing the project total to roughly $700,000.

If you’ve followed headlines recently, you likely have read about the struggles of news organizations across the country, including the Chicago-based Tribune Company and Minneapolis’ own Star Tribune, which declared bankruptcy last month.

According to the news release, the program is believed to be the first job training grant that will involve a journalism school. Like any training for newspapers nowadays, the focus will be on the emerging presence of Internet based news and how news organizations can adapt–and survive.