Taking a bite

Joe Kellen

I love steak.

I especially love steak that has been given ample time to rest before it’s prepared—the smell of a well-marinated cut almost embarrassingly brings out the carnivore in me. What could be more perfect? It’s had time to soak, it’s the middle of the week, and I don’t halfass food when I’m trying to sift through the swamp of obligation that is the end of the semester.

(Maybe the comparison I’m going to make belongs to the College Kitchenista, but I’m doing it anyway.)

It’s April 17th, and going to see a play in the middle of a month is a lot like opening up the container full of marinade you let your T-bone sit in overnight and taking a whiff. If the production’s any good, the show has been given time to tighten its rhythm, gain a touch of spontaneity, and come alive. Thankfully for us, there is some crazy potent theatre wafting around right now in the Twin Cities. Seriously, filet mignon, good stuff, stuff that opened earlier this month and has now had the time to breathe a little bit and roll around in its juices. We’re being visited by internationally known artists. There are multiple world premieres going on. It’s about damn time you put that steak on the grill and got ready to chow down. Here’s a five-course meal for the remaining days this week, from A&E to you.

Wednesday: “In The Time of Butterflies”

Start your feast tonight with the Mixed Blood’s world premiere of this bilingual play. Presented in both Spanish and English, “In The Time of Butterflies” examines the Dominican Republic’s Mirabal siblings and their experiences under dictator Rafael Trujillo. This piece sees the return of playwright Caridad Svich to Mixed Blood’s stage, which means that the adaptation should be a playful and visceral account of what it means to maintain sisterhood under the reign of a despot. Check out the link for more information.

Thursday: “Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde”

Craig Johnson takes the stage as Oscar Wilde in Walking Shadow’s production of Moisés Kaufman’s nuanced and quick-witted piece. The play takes us to a section of Wilde’s life that was fraught with controversy, specifically the writer’s alleged homosexuality. Perfect for lit geeks or people who just want to see an elegant mixture of eyewitness accounts with Kaufman’s impeccable eye for synthesis, “Gross Indecency” may just be worth a visit to the Minneapolis Theatre Garage.

Friday: “Lorca in a Green Dress”

Teatro del Pueblo and Pangea World Theater tackle Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Nilo Cruz in their depiction of “Lorca in a Green Dress.” The play takes us through the life of Frederico Garcia Lorca in 1936 during a time of civil war and great uncertainty in Spain. Lyrical and surreal, the production offers up a stellar cast (including recent U of M BFA grad Andrea San Miguel) and will add a blend of history and poetry to your Friday night.

Saturday: “girl group”

Rock’n’roll. Theatre Unbound. A piece set in 1965 that involves original live music and a brand new play. This’ll be a nice splash of spice to your meal, and besides—who doesn’t want to see a band called The Furies jam for a bit? With a narrative pounding this head-bobber forward, “girl group” can demystify the perpetual question of what to make of your Saturday.

Sunday: “Nice Fish”

Internationally praised theatre artist, Mark Rylance, has made his way to Minnesota. The two-time Tony award winner teamed up with a poet from Duluth, Louis Jenkins, to tell a story of two men going ice fishing and what happens when they’re faced with a force that could stop them from doing so. Played simply, graciously, and with a nice balance of sentimentalism and the tongue-in-cheek, “Nice Fish” is a dessert that will pleasantly end your meal.