Minnesota legislators apologize to law enforcement

Rilyn Eischens

The Minnesota state legislators who were cited for kissing in a parked car in late August have apologized and stepped down from the House Ethics Committee.


According to the Pioneer Press, a Dakota County ranger issued State Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Red Wing, and Rep. Tara Mack, R-Apple Valley, citations for causing a nuisance after he allegedly saw them making out in a parked car in Eagan on Aug. 25.


The Washington Post reported that Mack and Kelly, who are both married to other people, denied the claims.  Kelly called the deputy’s report “an absolute lie.” Mack said it was “egregious and false.”


The legislators both said that they planned on filing complaints against the deputy, but according to the Star Tribune, each paid $260 fines on Sept. 4.


On Monday, Minnpost reported that Mack and Kelly apologized for their attitudes towards law enforcement in the face of the citations.  In addition, they voluntarily stepped down from the Ethics Committee.  


Mack’s statement said she has “utmost respect for the work law enforcement does,” and she apologizes for “offending these great men and women.” Kelly said he is “disappointed” in himself for acting “without respect and professionalism.” He also apologized to the law enforcement community.


According to the Star Tribune, Rep. Dan Schoen, DFL-Cottage Grove, spoke out against Mack and Kelly after they initially responded to the allegations.  He said that they should withdraw their statements that accused the deputy of lying.


Schoen issued another statement on Monday in response to Mack and Kelly’s apologies.  


“While I am glad that Rep. Kelly and Rep. Mack have apologized…I repeat my request that they apologize directly to the law enforcement official and Dakota County Sheriff’s Office,” he said.