Abortion simply wicked

Brophy is not unique as he ties his pro-abortion beliefs with attacks on Christianity.

Matthew Brophy’s deceptively titled March 2 guest column “Christian mythology oppresses women” presents an incomplete and misleading description of the abortion issue and attacks Christianity, portraying faith as an invalid and unreasonable belief system. Brophy’s sardonic remarks about Christianity and skirting of the abortion issue did little to support his shameless pro-abortion stance. Like abortion, Brophy is wrong.

Hidden in Brophy’s elusive language denouncing truth, he contends the biggest falsity from anti-abortion advocates is their belief in the human soul. To him, the concept of something within humanity inexplicable from their physical parts is simply “wacky Christian metaphysics.” Although most people would agree that humans possess both a body and soul, this is not part of the abortion issue. Unborn children are valuable because they are human life – dignified human beings. If they weren’t human life, what else would they be? Fuzzy and confusing language often clouds the abortion debate. Instead of presenting the facts in a straight-forward manner, Brophy attempts to remove all semblance of emotionality. Thus he uses phrases like “terminate the fetus” instead of “murder the unborn child.” We are not discussing dry tax law; we are debating the sanctity and value of human life.

Meanwhile, Brophy inserts two other nonabortion issues. Firstly, euthanasia has nothing to do with abortion, so let’s stop linking the two. Secondly, the abortion issue has nothing to do with governmental control. Because rape and stealing are wrong, the government should outlaw these actions and punish transgressors. Because abortion is the outright killing of innocent life, it too should be forbidden. (At least Brophy didn’t use the nonsensical men-don’t-have-a-uterus-so-they-can’t-make-moral-judgements-about-abortion argument. There is none worse.) Brophy denounces statutes that make abortion illegal while parroting the government’s responsibility to “protect minorities.” In his world, minorities are those sexually promiscuous and poor people that want to kill any inconvenient byproducts of their unhealthy lifestyle. (Abortion is murders human life. Thus, having an abortion because you were raped is equally wrong.) In the real world, minorities are those millions of unborn, indefensible children being slaughtered in the name of “rights.”

Brophy is not unique inasmuch as he ties his pro-abortion beliefs with merciless attacks on the Christian religion. Supposedly, Christians are the only ones standing up for the sanctity of human life. Is there not one atheist who thinks murder is bad? I mean, it is “hurting another person,” the end-all in an atheist’s moral code. Brophy cannot nullify the truth of Christianity simply by labeling it as “mythology,” no matter how many times they do it. Who can blame Brophy, however – making fun of Christians is a popular collegiate pastime. Christians love their enemies. Although the abortion debate will never die, one could present sound, convincing scientific arguments that demonstrate abortion is a physically and psychologically damaging and unhealthy practice. Regretfully, many people, perhaps even Brophy, simply choose to ignore this. However, regardless of all the nonreligious arguments, the reason abortion is wrong starts and ends with this: God declares it as wrong.

Two things are true: the Bible and Jesus Christ. Responses to this article will likely ignore the abortion issue and focus on how men wrote the Bible and how Paul advocates slavery. (Perhaps someone will have a better working knowledge of these subjects.) Regardless, we are fallen humans in desperate need of a Savior. It’s a ruinous and damning decision to live life rejecting God. And killing the unborn is simply wicked.

Lindsay Brown is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected]