Literary Event Punch Card

Carter Haaland

So apparently attendance at Twin Cities literary events has been down lately.  Anyone surprised?  Anyone?  Though it may not be shocking that people don’t care about books anymore, the Twin Cities literary community is cooking up a marketing scheme to combat the lack of asses in seats.  And unfortunately, they’re not getting their liquor license or serving fried food. 


Local publishers and scene supporters Milkweed Editions, Graywolf, Coffee House, The Loft and Rain Taxi are teaming up and sponsoring a punch card rewards program.  It’s very similar to that Caribou punch card buried deep in your wallet that you won’t rediscover until six months after its expiration date.  Those who attend free author events at participating bookstores will receive one punch on their card.  Those who also buy a book can receive TWO PUNCHES!!  Once a card is fully punched (12 times) it may be redeemed for one free medium drink—wait, actually it may be redeemed for $15 dollars store credit at one of the participating bookstores.  There will be a kick-off party celebrating the launch of the program on Sept. 14th at Club Jager.  

Check for more info.