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A run-down of events that should go down in arts & entertainment history

Billy Mays has left this realm, leaving behind plenty of soundbites for wise-crackin hipsters. Source

Image by Ashley Goetz

Billy Mays has left this realm, leaving behind plenty of soundbites for wise-crackin’ hipsters. Source

Coke Zero became a forced symbol of gay pride because of the magic of product placement. Nary a drag queen at the Pride Parade could throw candy to children before a dark-shirted Coke Zero agent shoved a soda into her other hand. We hear Coke ZeroâÄôs having a homo-brand-ual affair with an old can of Vanilla Coke that wants to try new things âÄî ooh la gay! The words âÄúwinâÄù and âÄúfailâÄù âÄî as in, âÄúI found the edge of a ReeseâÄôs Peanut Butter Cup in her bra âĦ win?âÄù âÄî finally became intolerably played-out. The Internet, the assembly-line-fast creator of modern clichés, can enter another blog term into its cannon. While it still doesnâÄôt have a Wikipedia page (hint, nerds out there), âÄúreality expertâÄù became a term (in reality!) when USA Today used it in a headline about Jon & KateâÄôs separation . Watch out divorce lawyers; these guys have the, um, real scoop (and according to a job Web site, make $77,000 per year). Do we smell a new department of study for the University? Thousands of drunk hipsters danced to Michael Jackson b songs pretty much anywhere there was a DJ and a bar in Minneapolis. If you missed out, post yourself dancing to âÄúThrillerâÄù on YouTube stat to prove that you are still an American citizen. Speaking of drunks, hundreds of sloppy-fingered texters made jokes about infomercial king and current choir-member-in-heaven Billy Mays , the best probably being: âÄú(972): they say celebs die in threes. leave it to billy mays to throw in one extra COMPLETELY FREE!âÄù In related news, Texts from Last Night makes us feel better about ourselves.