Proportional student voice in the senate

We support the bylaw change, but only if there are enough students running for it to make sense.

A bylaw change that floated in the student senate last week would reserve seats for graduate and professional students, proportional to their representation at the University of Minnesota.

We support this change. Because the senate has allocated seats by college in the past, a broader delineation between graduate and undergraduate students makes sense, ensuring equal representation on the senate.

That said, the senate should look toward making this change for next year’s all-campus elections. The bickering over a quorum at Thursday’s meeting is evidence that the senate might be unwise to force the issue for this election cycle.

Looking toward next year, we would also propose a caveat to this bylaw change: Any reserved seats on the senate should be open to anyone if there are not enough people to run for them. All-Campus Elections Commission Chair Mallory Kurkoski told the Daily last week that the commission may accept late candidate applications because few graduate and professional students have expressed interest in joining the senate.

This is disappointing. We support setting aside seats for graduate and professional students, but students must show up and fill them.