Live Blog: Men’s basketball vs. Minnesota State-Moorhead

John Hageman

Final-Gophers-98, Moorhead-49 50.8- Joseph hits two more three-pointers to give the Gophers a 98-49 advantage. 2:04-Joseph hits back-to-back three-pointers to make it 92-49 Gophers. 3:46- Hoffarber has looked good so far tonight, hitting four of five three-pointers and tallying 14 points. 4:22-Freshman Dominique Dawson enters the game for the first time along with Cobbs and Iverson. Gophers lead 86-49. 9:57-Freshman Rodney Williams puts down a two-handed slam on the fastbreak. Gophers lead 78-37. 10:27-Dragons timeout. The Gophers have been able to slow the game down a bit and draw some fouls. 11:21- Freshman Justin Cobbs sinks one of two free throws. Gophers lead 73-37. 12:27-Iverson sinks both free throws after Moorhead’s Dennis Williamson gets called for an intentional foul on Iverson’s breakaway. 13:22- Carter replaces Williams after he sinks one of two free throws. 15:25- After the timeout, the Gophers bring in the bench with Hoffarber, Cobbs, Williams, Iverson, and Joseph. 15:25-Carter got a pretty pass on a fast break from Westbrook to finish with a dunk. Gophers lead 61-27. 16:00-Westbrook has knocked down a couple three pointers already this half. Gophers lead 57-27. The Gophers have looked impressive so far and lead at halftime 42-20. Minnesota has had some success on defense, tallying eight blocks and scoring 17 points off 13 turnovers. There have been some miscues and missed oportunities however, as the team tallied 11 turnovers. The Gophers are shooting 48.5 percent from the floor, and 44.4 percent from behind the arc. The Dragons are shooting just 26.7 percent from the floor. Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith talked earlier this week about freshman Rodney Williams’ athletic ability, and he has certainly shown it so far with two huge blocks. The scoring has been spread around pretty evenly, with Hoffarber’s team-leading eight points, Sampson’s seven, and Johnson with six. 38.7- Hoffarber replaces Carter 2:33- Joseph replaces Williams. 3:15- Williams just halted a MSMU breakaway in its tracks with a massive block on the layup. Gophers lead 35-14. 4:02- Williams has checked in for Carter. 8:01-Johnson sinks both free throws after being tripped up on a break away. Gophers lead 29-7. 8:16- Gophers bring back the starters. 9:33- Timeout on the floor. Joseph will head to the line after being fouled while sinking a break-away layup. 11:04- The freshmen have looked shown a lot of hustle so far, as Cobbs and Williams had great blocks on back-to-back possesions. Gophers lead 19-2 14:06- Gophers bring in the subs as Cobbs, Williams, Iverson, Hoffarber and Joseph check in. 15:15-Timeout on the floor. The Gophers have missed a few opportunities so far, as Sampson just missed an easy put back under the hoop. MSMU has not faired much better, missing a couple shots badly, including an air ball from behind the three-point line. 16:48-Damian Johnson misses both free throws, Gophers up 5-0. 18:51-On the first possesion of the game, Lawrence Westbrook had it stolen and MSMU looked to have an easy layup, but Paul Carter came up with a huge block to set up a Westbrook layup. Gophers starting lineup: G- #0 Al Nolen G- #20 Lawrence Westbrook F- #1 Paul Carter F- #34 Damian Johnson C- #50 Ralph Sampson III

The Gophers are set to host Minnesota State-Moorhead here at Williams Arena. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.