Local man remains in jail after accosting a University worker

A 67-year-old man dumps trash over a University staff members desk.

Yasin Mohamud

A Minneapolis man was arrested Friday after he hurled a box of trash onto a University of Minnesota employee’s desk and threatened her in Pattee Hall.
Edgar Romeo Coleman, 67, remains in jail after entering the Institute on Community Integration  in Pattee Hall and accosting ICI employee Lucy Evans.
“He came into the building and just dumped a box of trash onto my desk,” Evans said. “He then tried to come around my desk, and that’s when I screamed and he fled. It was very bizarre.”
According to a police report, Coleman had a look of “rage and anger” while he fled the building. On his way out, he was followed by another ICI employee.
Jonathan Marshall said he decided to trail Coleman to make sure he didn’t assault anyone else. But Coleman did just that.
“I went after him when he fled our building and saw him get in front of a woman who was walking on an adjacent sidewalk,” Marshall said. “He didn’t grab at her, but he looked like he wanted to.”
Shortly after the second incident, University police arrived and arrested Coleman, who was identified by witnesses. He was booked at Hennepin County Jail  for fifth degree assault.
According to University police, Coleman is known as “a vagrant who has been cited for numerous trespass violations.”