University Libraries an ally in student voter registration

As Nov. 6 looms, students here on campus can look to the University of Minnesota Libraries for a welcomed convenience in voting. As the Minnesota Daily Editorial Board noted Oct. 2, for some weeks now there have been drop-boxes scattered across West Bank, East Bank and St. Paul, inviting diligent library-goers to take two minutes to register to vote. Not only does this save  students postage, it saves us valuable time, something that we know all too well is precious. As an intern with the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, one of my duties is to collect all of these registrations every week and deliver them to the Minneapolis Elections Office in City Hall. Both as a University student and as a youth-vote activist, I would like to thank the University Libraries for recognizing the hectic and irregular schedules of students and for offering this service to us. The University Libraries are going out of their way to make sure students can represent themselves in our democracy by casting a ballot in November, but inevitably it is up to us to get to the polls.

Hundreds of students have already taken advantage of these simple drop-boxes, and it is my sincere hope that hundreds more will do the same before the registration deadline of Oct. 16. I hope that still more will come out on Election Day. So remember next time you need a quiet study spot on campus, look for the voter registration drop-boxes, and sign up to do your civic duty!