Life goes on

Treasure this editorial, because it will be among the last you read as a free citizen. ItâÄôs only a matter of time before the press is usurped by the Central Committee and ObamaâÄôs âÄúchangeâÄù begins. Have no doubt, our liberties will be cast aside and our assets seized to fuel a nationalized slave-labor apparatus of a nefarious Marxist design. Sesame Street will air daily segments featuring man-on-dog pornography and satanic gay marriage rites while terror reigns in blood-soaked streets as recently arrived Mesopotamian insurgents inflict mass carnage. While asinine flights of fancy like these seem comical to the kind of mildly intellectual people who actually belong in a poll booth, there is a genuinely troubling aspect to this lurid narrative âÄî namely, that a detectable portion of the electorate evidently believes parts of it to be true. As proof, one need look no further than the quotable wisdom of anonymous bigots at McCain campaign rallies, or a recent poll showing that nearly one fourth of Texan voters believe that Obama is a Muslim. Those with more imagination, like the James Dobson âÄúLetter from 2012 in ObamaâÄôs AmericaâÄù merely suggest that Obama will destroy America as we know it. Americans should think about the collateral damage done by the desperate flailing of McCain and his backers. Due to his efforts, some believe that the 44th president will be our last but for the grace of god. What act of reflexive, paranoid violence is morally indefensible when you believe such things? And how will this treat ObamaâÄôs policy? Will any withdrawal from Iraq become a âÄúdefeatâÄù among ex-McCain supporters? Hopefully, rationality will return to disenchanted conservatives once their boogeyman takes office and life goes on. Hopefully, we wonâÄôt be divided by surreal campaign fiction. After all, the countryâÄôs survival depends on it.