October PPERRIA Meeting Notes

James Anderson

A new committee called the Motley Crew has become a permanent task force, thanks to a unanimous vote. The group will work with University and Fairview officials as they continue to work through differences regarding the ambulatory care center. Motley refers to the Motley neighborhood, which is a smaller neighborhood north of East River Road and West of Huron Blvd. Here’s a story detailing the dispute between the neighborhood and the University. A motion to make the 40-person PPERRIA board closed to business owners was not passed. Many people were upset about this because they are worried about multiple business owners being elected to the board so that they can have a strong influence. The vote got a two thirds majority, but they needed 27 out of 40 votes and were unable to do so because about 10 members of the board were not present. James Anderson Housing/Neighborhoods/Greek Reporter