Former Republic…

Chris Vetter

Former Republican Presidential candidate Alan Keyes spoke at the Thunderbird Hotel during a political fund-raiser Wednesday, Sept. 18, on the need to bring family values and morals back to politics.
Keyes, a social conservative, spoke of returning to traditional family values in order to save society at a fund-raiser to assist Republican candidates in their races this fall.
“When the family starts to fade, all of society collapses,” Keyes said. “We have spent trillions of dollars in government subsidies, and we are getting nowhere. We are, brick by brick, tearing down this house of freedom.”
Abortion is one of the main factors leading to decay in our society and our values, Keyes said.
“We throw our (Constitution) away when we say our right to live comes from the decision of our mother,” Keyes said.
Keyes said Bob Dole betrayed his party at the Republican convention in San Diego this summer by allowing pro-choice Rep. Susan Molinari of New York to deliver the keynote address.
“Susan Molinari is a nice lady,” Keyes said, “but does Susan Molinari speak to the heart and the soul of this party?”
Keyes said that if Dole sticks to moral themes, he can still win the election despite what the media wants people to believe. “They keep trying to convince us that this election is a forgone conclusion,” Keyes said.
Dole’s morals easily outshine President Clinton’s, Keyes said.
“Bill Clinton is a poor example for this nation’s children, Keyes said. “This is the most anti-family, anti-moral, lying administration in our history,” Keyes said.
Several Republican candidates benefitted from the event, including Fourth Congressional District candidate Dennis Newinski. Democrat Bruce Vento currently holds the seat in the Fourth District, which includes the St. Paul campus.
About 100 people attended the fund-raiser, giving $25 donations to their district candidate. Along with Newinski, candidates Tad Jude, Gary Revier and Andy Larson were in attendance. Former gubernatorial candidate Al Quist also attended the speech.
Newinski said Keyes gave an excellent speech. “This is what we needed to hear,” Newinski said.
Moore Information, a Washington based polling firm, released a poll on Sept. 18, showing that Vento leads by only four percentage points, 41 to 37 percent. Newinski said he will defeat Vento with his tougher stance on crime.
“I support a mandatory minimum sentence for crimes committed with guns of ten years,” Newinski said. “Vento voted no on that issue.”
Newinski echoed Keyes call for more family values. “The best crime prevention program in this nation is the family,” Newinski said.
The fund-raiser gave the public an opportunity to meet their district candidates, but Keyes was clearly the major drawing card. Keyes, a former ambassador to the United Nations and Assistant Undersecretary of State, holds a doctorate in Government from Harvard. He gives pro-life and anti-affirmative action speeches across the United States, and recently began the Declaration Foundation, which is dedicated to helping conservative, pro-family candidates.