Rally for affordable education

Students need to stand up for themselves when it comes to debt and tuition. Now is the time to get involved. On March 1, gather with classmates and faculty for a National Day of Action for Education Rights. This rally is not just happening in front of Morrill Hall at noon on March 1 but across the nation. We are all joining forces and rallying for our right to affordable education.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the fee and tuition rates rising every year due to supposed budget crises. This is ridiculous considering the salaries of the University of Minnesota’s top administrators are continually growing. It’s time for a change of priorities that puts the educational mission back at the center of this University and ensures that education is accessible to all and not only those who can pay or win the scholarship lottery.

President Eric Kaler makes $600,000 a year. To put that in perspective, President Barack Obama makes $400,000. Imagine if administrators making over $200,000 were to take a 5 percent pay cut, those making over $300,000 would take a 10 percent cut and those making over $400,000 would take a 15 percent cut. The total savings to the University would be over $4 million dollars.

If the University were to cut the excessive number of vice presidents, assistants to them and assistants to the assistant vice president, it would save another $7 million! The school should be using this money for education, not administration. Stand up for education, and rally with us on Thursday.