Dear Dr. Date,Whe…

Dear Dr. Date,
When I was younger, I would masturbate, and when I was cumming, I would pinch the head of my penis. This provided me with an incredible feeling, as everything would reverberate in my groin area. Wonderful. Some years later, however, I cannot “shoot” my cum out of my penis; it kind of dribbles out — it dribbles out in spurts, but has absolutely no firing power whatsoever; zero. I would very much like to make myself able to shoot, yet it is not important enough for me to see a doctor for. I miss the shooting and find the dribbling barely short of pathetic. I am also thinking my ejaculations might be less enjoyable now, but I can’t remember back to compare. Any advice?
— Dribbler

Although I’ve looked, I have yet to find a study on this topic. What good is the Internet if you can’t do a search for “shoot AND sperm” without hitting thousands of porn and porn-related pages, such as a Web page promoting the video, “Three Way Sperm Shoot (Volume 7).” I tried out AltaVista’s new Family Filter option with the same search, but that returned only 33 pages — more than half of which featured variations of a joke about a guy who holds up a sperm bank.
This means it’s up to you and me, kid, to figure this thing out on our own. Your fear is that by pinching the head of your penis, you might have damaged your mechanism. I doubt this is possible because the head of your penis has very little to do with the parts of your genitals that cause your semen to spurt out.
You are not the first to have asked a question of this sort. It seems that several men have lost their ability to “shoot” sperm impressively and have, in turn, interpreted this woeful situation as a telling indicator of their manhood. It most likely has something to do with you getting older, but I wouldn’t worry too much. When I was just a squirt, I remember being able to clear a woodpile equal my height with a stream of urine. Sadly, I can’t do that anymore.
Possibly the most important factor in one’s ability to shoot sperm is one’s level of sexual excitement. The more excited you are, the farther you will shoot. Perhaps your monosexual life has grown a little stale. Try not masturbating as often and change your scenery and method.
The male reproductive system is a fascinating operation that prefers you to be in good health. Make sure you are eating a good, steady diet of balanced foods and get all your vitamins. Exercise will bring out the best in you, but no, masturbation does not count as exercise.