Blarney bouncer fights off 2 drunks Sunday

One of the fight suspects was maced and then arrested.

by Kaitlin Walker

Two fights broke out at Blarney Pub and Grill between the bouncer and patrons early Sunday.

University of Minnesota police were called to the bar around 1 a.m. A patron attempted to fight bouncer Neil Steffen after growing impatient waiting in line.

While police were dealing with the patron, Scott Eberline was kicked out of the bar. Steffen said Eberline milled about and tried to pick a fight while police were only feet away.

âÄúI told him, âÄòDo yourself a favor and go home,âÄôâÄù Steffen said.

When Eberline refused to leave, Steffen tried to walk him to the edge of the property, but Eberline grabbed Steffen by the collar and attempted to punch him. Steffen said he was able to bring Eberline to the ground and put him in a headlock.

Steffen said police stepped in, but Eberline continued to fight. Officers tried to put Eberline in handcuffs but eventually had to mace him in order to arrest him. He was taken to the Hennepin County Jail and booked for disorderly conduct and obstructing legal process, both misdemeanors.

Steffen said fights happen at the bar about once a month but are more likely when the bar is near full capacity, like it was that night after the Gophers game against Wisconsin.

âÄúIt was a really busy night because the Wisconsin people had been drinking all day,âÄù Steffen said. âÄúAnd that just sort of happens when itâÄôs that busy and there are fans from out of town.âÄù

Jenna Roy, who has worked at the bar for two and a half years, agreed that fights arenâÄôt very common, but when they do happen, itâÄôs at the end of the night as the bar closes.

âÄúItâÄôs not so much randomly during the night,âÄù Roy said. âÄúItâÄôs more when we are trying to kick people out and people donâÄôt want to leave because their drinks arenâÄôt finished, and they want to stay around, but we canâÄôt legally have them in the bar after 2 a.m.âÄù

Roy said most of the bouncers have worked at the bar for a long time and are pretty strict. If someone does try to start a fight, she said they are removed before they can disturb anyone else.

âÄú[The bouncers] all do a pretty good job, and there are enough of them that they can stop anything before it starts,âÄù Roy said.