Colder weather, hotter concerts

The most clichéd and tortured way to start any article is with the classic, âÄúWith the weather turning, your thoughts inevitably turn to âĦ etc.âÄù ItâÄôs hackneyed, lazy and predictable. Bearing that in mind, with thermometers plummeting, winds beginning to get nippy and frost on the pumpkin, you need the undeniable comforts of indoor entertainment. Music entertainment, that is! Ugh. Anyway, the weather is, in fact, getting colder and, as a possible correlation, concerts in the Twin Cities are heating up. The following is a comprehensive itinerary for those who would rather have their faces melted off by the relentless power of rock than their toes succumb to debilitating scourge of frostbite. 8 p.m., Friday WHO: Diplo WHERE: First Ave. TICKETS: $15 WHY: To congratulate him on his ex-girlfriend, M.I.A., being totally preggers by a different man. Psych! To get into a serious grind-session as this too-hip D.J./producer spins his latest mash-ups and assorted other jams. 8 p.m., Friday WHO: Mark Mallman WHERE: 400 Bar WHY: Yes, Mark Mallman is super lame. His lyrics are off the charts in regard to general lameness. Still, he does write some seriously catchy pop songs, is respected throughout the scene and puts on stellar live shows. 6 p.m., Saturday WHO: Of Montreal WHERE: First Ave. TICKETS: $16 WHY: Of Montreal shows are always cavalcades of bizarre visuals, flamboyant costumes and wacky deviations from the music itself. Lead singer Kevin Barnes has since adopted the stage persona âÄúGeorgie FruitâÄù âÄî a middle-aged black man who has undergone multiple sex changes. Combine all that with dance-y psychedelic pop songs featuring enormous hooks, and thatâÄôs $16 well spent. 7 p.m., Saturday WHO: Jolie Holland WHERE: Cedar Cultural Center TICKETS: $20 WHY: This Texas-born folker is not only label-mates with Tom Waits, but the legendary Waits has actually gone as far as to nominate her for the Shortlist Music Prize. Her earthy and emotive style will be well matched with the homey Cedar Cultural Center. 8 p.m., Oct. 27 WHO: Modern Fonts WHERE: Fineline TICKETS: $3 WHY: These relative newcomers have accomplished the elusive goal of any demo: Establishing a distinct sound. Armed with a âÄúThe BendsâÄù-era Radiohead sound, itâÄôs lead singer Garrison GrouseâÄôs confident wail that drives their well-crafted, ethereal and surprisingly catchy songs. 7:30 p.m., Oct. 29 WHO: Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band WHERE: First Ave. TICKETS: $24 WHY: Oberst debuted his non-Bright Eyes outfit this past spring at The 400 Bar and after the success of his self-titled solo record this summer, is staging a triumphant return. Expect it to be a typical Oberst affair: Boozy, impassioned and memorable. 9 p.m., Oct. 30 WHO: Yeasayer WHERE: Triple Rock TICKETS: $16 WHY: Fresh off a whirlwind year that found them as an âÄúitâÄù new indie band, Man Man tour mates and European leg of Beck tour openers, Yeasayer bring their vaguely world music-y and wholly psychedelic vibe to the Triple Rock. 9 p.m., Nov. 1 WHO: The King Kahn & BBQ Show WHERE: Triple Rock TICKETS: $12 WHY: Similar to The Black Lips and hordes of other bands leading the âÄúflower punkâÄù revivalist charge, The King Kahn & BBQ Show bring the lo-fi punch as hard as any. Given the wild stage antics of many other bands who specialize in a similar vein of punk, expect King Kahn & BBQ Show to tear up the Triple Rock. 5 p.m., Nov. 2 WHO: Atmosphere WHERE: First Ave. TICKETS: $20 WHY: Because even though he gets as much hate as love from the hometown masses, Slug has a genuine love for this city and is a pretty damn good emcee, too. 8 p.m., Nov. 3 WHO: Girl Talk WHERE: First Ave. TICKETS: $17 WHY: Where else are you going to get into a sweaty dance session with a massive gaggle of earnest jockey kids and ironic indie kids? Moreover, where will you get into that situation with Bubba Sparxxx rhyming over Dexys Midnight Runner? Attend. 8 p.m., Nov. 6 WHO: France Has the Bomb/Private Dancer WHERE: Seventh St. Entry. Tickets: $6 WHY: Bound to be a supremely rocking affair. These two bands are key players in the riff-crazy lo-fi punk movement thatâÄôs sweeping, well, everywhere. Catch them at The Entry before they graduate to the Main Room. 9 p.m., Nov. 14 WHO: Eyedea & Abilities WHERE: Turf Club TICKETS: $10 WHY: After a stint on punk label Epitaph, fringe success and plenty of breakup rumors, virtuosos Eyedea & Abilities are back home and back on Rhymesayers. Expect to hear plenty of new songs from their upcoming/yet to be titled comeback record thatâÄôs due later this year. 9 p.m., Nov. 15 WHO: Lookbook (EP Release show) WHERE: Seventh St. Entry COST: $6 WHY: This spacey electro pop duo is garnering some serious buzz. Think Azure Ray sans organic instrumentation and a penchant for some of the cornball elements of Tears for Fears. Added bonus: the affordable ticket price saves precious beer money for the following dayâÄôs Hold Steady show. 8 p.m., Nov. 16 WHO: Hold Stead/Drive-by Truckers WHERE: First Ave. TICKETS: $25 WHY: Because theyâÄôre the biggest rock band out of Minneapolis since The Replacements, their shows are drunken celebrations and theyâÄôre profoundly kickass live.