North Korea editorial

I have to respond to the unfortunate and nasty editorial that appeared in Wednesday’s Daily (“Bush avoids North Korea.”). There are worlds of difference between the situations in North Korea and Iraq.

First of all, the current North Korean administration has not attacked four countries as Iraq’s has, nor has it widely used chemical or biological weapons.

Secondly, as was a factor when the Clinton administration considered attacking North Korea, it currently has a large amount of powerful weapons that can easily be used to attack Seoul, South Korea or Japan. It also has a strong military that could easily overrun the U.S. troops stationed at the border with South Korea.

This is very important, since this is a situation we do not want to find ourselves in with Iraq in the future. North Korea is doing the very same thing that we fear Saddam Hussein would do if he ever had access to powerful weapons, and Saddam’s record is much worse than that of the North Korean government.

Furthermore, the United Nations has imposed a resolution on Iraq, not North Korea, to disarm and allow inspections. This resolution clearly states that if Iraq does not adhere to the rules, the use of force might be used if all other options fail.

Collin Wick, graduate student, chemistry