Traditional choices essential to feminism

A narrow-minded and contradictory view of “true feminism” is discussed in the Tuesday column “Choice an essential belief for feminists.” While it is true that the latest feminist movements have
revolved around birth control methods, it is important to recognize that the most obvious trait that differentiates women from men is the ability to give birth to a child.

This is not to say that giving birth is an all encapsulating definition of what women should be, but I often find that the modern feminist movement ignores what could be argued to be the most biological feminine quality. It is true that feminists want to be able to live their lives, but to say a true feminist is one who supports birth control and abortion is one-sided and suffocating to women who want to have a child. Equal rights and choice is truly employed if a woman is able to live within and outside gender pressures. Otherwise, women are simply bound to newly defined gender characterizations and ideologies.

The claim that “a young woman who wants a degree and to get married cannot possibly have a child” implies a single woman is too weak to manage her life situation. In many cases, single women are extremely capable of balancing all of these life factors, which is incredibly empowering to the identity of women as a whole. Essentially, a womanâÄôs identity should not be reduced to what is considered feminist at the time. To maintain equality, all ways of life should be recognized and supported. This is why I applaud the efforts of Feminists for Life to maintain a well-rounded vision of feminism.