Student returns after bus trip

Missing University student Kelly Murray turned up Tuesday night in her own apartment in Seward Towers after a cross-country bus trip to Los Angeles.
Murray, who suffers from schizophrenia, disappeared several times in the past. Her therapist put her on a new medication that stabilized her for the last two years, said Nancy Crawford, Murray’s mother.
Murray, 34, called her mother Tuesday night to say she had taken a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles on Saturday, the last day she was seen. Crawford said when Murray arrived in Los Angeles she didn’t know what to do. She then took a bus back home.
Crawford said she was incredibly happy to have her daughter back home. She added that the exposure Murray’s disappearance received will help patients with schizophrenia — a heightened sense of paranoia — in the future.
Minneapolis Police Sgt. Tom Schuveiller officially closed the case.
— Scott M. Larson