Football player and wrestler charged with felony assault

David McCoy

Gophers football player Marcel Jones and wrestler Nate Matousek have been suspended indefinitely from “all athletic-related activity,” after allegations that they assaulted a 20-year-old man on Dec. 9 arose, athletics department spokesman Shane Sandersfeld said.

Both are charged with third-degree felony assault and will make their first court appearances Feb. 7, the Star Tribune reported Saturday.

According to the incident report, the man sustained broken teeth and a black eye after being repeatedly kicked in the face at a house party near 25th Avenue and Como Avenue.

Matthew Bell, a friend of the victim, said the confrontation began when the victim refused to put his shirt back on while dancing at the party. Those involved then went outside the house. After Jones threw the first punch, Bell said, the victim tackled Jones and pinned him to the ground, asking if he was ready to stop and saying the argument was “stupid.”

Then four other men, including Matousek, pulled the victim off Jones and pushed him into a row of trees and then against a Suburban, at which point the men repeatedly kicked and punched the victim in the face, badly enough to require reconstructive dental surgery, Bell said.

Jones refused to comment. His lawyer, Tim Anderson, did not return phone calls. Matousek could not be reached.