University Technology Center

by Kara Harms

Located a block from the heart of Dinkytown, the University Technology Centers, Inc. is home to offices of all kinds-from violin repair to chiropractors. This office building used to be the John Marshall High School, built in 1924, and still holds on to some aspects from it’s school days with class bells still mounted on walls, giant stairwells and halls, chalk boards in offices and even a gymnasium. In 1983, the school closed and was bought by the current management in 1986. 2011 is their 25th anniversary in the building.

The atrium is known for the original lights on the ceiling Dinkytown Family Chiropractic is one of the businesses located in the UTech Center Frederik K. Bethke of Violin Making, Restoration and Repair works on stringing a newly made violin Tuesday. The walls of the Violin Making, Restoration and Repair office are lined with violins, cellos and violas waiting to be repaired or completed. Back when the Center was a high school, this was the boy’s gymnasium. It was originally two stories high, but the top level was sealed off and made into more office space. Pillars were added for support, but basket ball court lines still are present on the hardwood floors. Many rooms, like this yogo studio, still have chalk boards and white boards on the walls. Doug Walker, Senior Property Manager, shows off the building’s elevator. During the polio epidemic of the 1940’s and 1950’s., the building was installed with elevators. This was the only school that was handicap accessible at the time.