Daily Digest: Nun study comes back, new website, sustainable architecture

by Lisa Zehner

Hey folks, hope that the last Monday of the month is treating you well. On to the Digest.

*An Alzheimer’s study that tested a group of 678 nuns repeatedly for some 20 years to analyze mental and physical abilities is back to the University of Minnesota, according to the Star Tribune and the Daily. The study began at the U in 1986.


*The University has launched a new website specific to providing information about the University’s support for preK-12 education in Minnesota for students and educators, according to the Princeton Union-Eagle. The site provides access to many different resources.

*Also, the University is having a forum on sustainable housing. The panel is a traveling show. The panel is called "The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture & Design." The exhibition includes images and drawings of 22 projects from around the world.


That’s it for Monday. Have a good one.