Dear Dr. Date,How …

Dear Dr. Date,
How is it that I’ve gone 20 years of my life and not known where my clitoris is nor engaged in masturbation? I thought it was about time to give it a go, but I needed information. I wasn’t just going to fling myself blindly into the fray. As a result of my quest for information, I came across a fabulous Web page. It’s got everything a woman or her partner ever needs to know about the clitoris. So as a public service announcement to all those women out there who are curious but lack the know-how, and as part of your duties as Dr. Date, please pass on this address. Thanks!
— In the Know

You’re right! is a great Web site. No porn or porn banner ads and tons of great information. Here are the topic buttons: anatomy, development, orgasm, masturbation, cunnilingus, massage, intercourse, health, disability, at risk, enhancement, references, links and discussion. This could very possibly be everything you need to know about the clitoris. seeks to gather as much information as possible about the clitoris and female sexuality, so as to be better able to educate women and men. Sounds dandy to me.
It can be very difficult to find good information amid all the tacky porn sites that are littering the Web. It’s wonderful to find a site that seeks to educate people about how to have real sex instead of perpetuating ugly myths about fake sex. If you have a clitoris, or have occasion to get acquainted to one, then point and click your way to!
And, while we are plugging altruistic ventures of the body and heart, don’t forget about my fourth, and potentially most-fantastic mixer yet. Dr. Date’s Superorgasmic Spring Mixer blows up on Friday, May 14 at the always-shiny Weisman Art Museum. All the usual suspects will be present to help along the mingling. Semi-annual favorite, Miss Kitty will be back again to teach you to swing dance with the help of Trailer Trash. Massages and psychics will also be available.
The most exciting new development is the new addition to the ever-faithful Love Nurses: YOU! Or, more precisely, it could be you! Yes, you may be one of the lucky few who will be selected to be a Dr. Date Love Nurse. If you feel you have what it takes to direct the dating efforts of others, this is the contest for you. Just send me a 100-word essay titled “Why I want to be a Love Nurse” before Thursday, May 13. I will only choose the best applicants, so do all your hyperventilating privately before you actually write your e-mail. Send your Love Nurse essay to [email protected], today!