Dear bikers

David Wrobleski

As an avid bike commuter myself, I am disappointed by what I saw on my lunch break walking from Northrop Mall to Dinkytown. Five different bikers were all disobeying laws: everything from biking the wrong way on the road, to biking on sidewalks, to cutting off pedestrians at the roundabout at Pillsbury. None of these bikers seemed to be trying to disobey the law, but they all appeared to be in their own worlds, not realizing that a) a larger vehicle could hit them and cause them brain damage (none of the bikers were wearing helmets) and b) they could severely injure a pedestrian. To those who have biked illegally like this, please take this to heart: 1) Minnesota state law protects bikers, giving them the right to take up a full lane of traffic if there is no shoulder. 2) If you are new to biking and dislike sharing the road with cars, please make sure you wear a helmet. 3) Pay attention to your surroundings! The University is a very busy place and the worst thing you could do is injure yourself or someone else. Bikers, including myself, talk about wanting more respect around campus, but we cannot earn that respect if we do not recognize the space and rights given for both pedestrians and cars. David Wrobleski University undergraduate student