Electric cars need infrastructure

Minneapolis has smartly decided to install charging stations.

by Editorial board

Recently, the Minneapolis City Council has been moving forward with plans to install three charging stations for electric vehicles in the city-owned Jerry Haaf Memorial Parking Ramp. The stations, which will be built using money from grants, will increase the cityâÄôs electric bill by an estimated $1,800 per year. 

This move adds to decisions the city of St. Paul made to install a dozen charging stations along the new Central Corridor light-rail line. Since at the present time electric cars are rare, installing these stations may seem to be a waste of time and money. However, planning ahead and creating infrastructure to support the trend of electric cars before it becomes big is a prudent and responsible bit of foresight. The city will hopefully begin to see the benefits of installing these stations in the near future. 
With electric cars on the verge of becoming widely available for purchase by the general public, stations such as these are needed to give consumers confidence that investing in an electric car is a smart and safe decision. 
Having available charging stations is the first step to encourage the general public to purchase electric vehicles. Minneapolis has traditionally kept at the forefront of the green movement: The city has been a model for green infrastructure and efficiency. Installing electric charging stations now rather than later is a step in the right direction.