Robert Fowler

Republican Robert Fowler said he’ll fight for education, lower taxes and reduce crime as state Representative.
The third-year University law student is striving to represent District 59B, which includes the East Bank of the University campus.
He supports funding for the University — if the school uses it’s money responsibly. Classroom conditions should be a top priority he said, as should campus transportation. He suggested the University put more money into parking services and a more extensive bus system.
But even people who hold education as a high priority want lower taxes, he said. Fowler said Minnesotan’s are overtaxed and he advocates reducing taxes and giving back surpluses.
Fowler also said concern about crime has increased in the district. Fowler is studying criminal law at the University and works as a law clerk at the Hennepin County Attorney’s office. He said the Legislature needs to take a stronger stance on crime and pass bills which toughen sentencing laws.
Originally from Sioux City, Iowa, Fowler earned a political science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1995 before starting at the University. Fowler said he plans on staying in Minnesota after graduation.