The Fashionista is in – Spring Beauty

Essentials for updating your makeup bag.

by Kara Nesvig

The temperature is climbing, and that means itâÄôs time to change up your beauty routine and freshen up! Be gone, winter blues, and with you your red cheeks/noses, chapped lips and frozen fingers. HereâÄôs what to look forward to beauty-wise as the seasons change. Trend: Coral Though this pinky-orange shade has connotations of Grandma enjoying the sun in Miami, itâÄôs been popping up on bright young things everywhere from lips to fingernails. Blogger Rumi from Fashion Toast ( has been sporting the shade on her nails, and so have I. My version comes from the ultimate nail polish source Rescue Beauty Lounge, but since each shade is $18 a bottle, try EssieâÄôs California Coral. The Refinery in Dinkytown sells Essie for $6, versus $8 at other salons. Another way to incorporate this hot shade is via your lips. I never see anyone else wearing lipstick on campus. Afraid? Try Cyndi LauperâÄôs Viva Glam lipstick for MAC. ItâÄôs a sheer, reddish coral thatâÄôs easy to pull off and not at all terrifying âÄî plus it doesnâÄôt look like you swiped it from your granâÄôs Mary Kay stash. Trend: Pastels These Easter-egg shades are, naturally, incredibly popular for spring. While IâÄôd advise you to stay away from wearing pale blue eyeshadow (or worse, pale purple), incorporate these sweet hues via your fingernails. I like OPIâÄôs lilac Done Out in Deco and sky blue No Room for the Blues. Soft yellow is a bit trickier, but Sally Hansen makes a few good ones, available for less than $6 at Target. Trend: Colored hair All the coolest girls have been adding some rainbow goodness to their locks, from model/muse Dree HemingwayâÄôs streaks of cotton candy pink to blogger Krystal SimpsonâÄôs more vibrant hot pink extensions. IâÄôm actually rocking a few streaks of electric blue in my blonde waves right now. If you donâÄôt want to commit to wearing these shades in your hair for 6-8 weeks as you would with Manic Panic dye, try a temporary color that will wash out with one shampoo. I got mine at Hot Topic for only $1.99. You get two packs of colored gel that you can comb into your hair. Last week I opted for hot pink. It smells like Herbal Essences, which is a plus, and gives surprisingly good color considering its low price. But this isnâÄôt middle school, so stick to a few streaks instead of your whole head. Trend: Styled Hair Spring is all about loose waves, low-maintenance buns, chignons and braids. I havenâÄôt worn my hair in braids since elementary school, and to be honest, I donâÄôt think IâÄôll be wearing my hair braided even now. But those of you who know how to French braid are in luck, because a modified version of the French braid, the fishtail braid, has been super hot on the fashion scene for a few seasons now. I canâÄôt master it, but there are more than a few online tutorials for those of you who are more apt. If braids arenâÄôt your thing either, use big Velcro rollers to create loose, bouncy waves or tight foam rollers for big corkscrew curls. Trend: Bronzer Of course, a sun-kissed face is essential for spring. But donâÄôt go overboard with it. The kind folks at Jemma Kidd sent me a sample of their new Show Stopper water-resistant bronzer, which quickly became a mainstay in my makeup case. You can get a huge compact for $23 at Target. I recommend purchasing a large, fluffy brush to go along with it, and then all you need is a few coats of mascara and a glossy pink lip. Not a trend, ever: Jennifer Love Hewitt has been all up in my TV lately talking about her (sure to be) dumb new book, âÄúThe Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name is Jennifer Love Hewitt and IâÄôm a Love-aholic.âÄù Inside the book are more than a few humiliating confessions and some beauty-related breakup tips. But then she goes on TV and starts talking about what she calls âÄúvajazzling.âÄù I canâÄôt even type this without cringing. JLH recommends that we ladies rhinestone our downstairs. Why? To make it look like a disco ball? For a man? WouldnâÄôt it hurt him? So far I havenâÄôt heard of any Twin Cities salons offering this service, but I guess itâÄôs not much crazier than waxing and dyeing your pubic hair into a heart for ValentineâÄôs Day.