Weekend Round-Up: Somali investigation continues, STP State of the City

by Mike Rose

Welcome to a weekend news review on a dreary Sunday. Knew the sunshine and 75 couldn’t last forever, but it sure would have been nice…

Somali investiagtion continues in other cities: Good Star Tribune article on the ongoing investigation into young Somali men disappearing to possibly join terrorist groups and how other cities are now under the spotlight. Somali leaders in Columbus, Ohio, home to the second-largest Somali population in the U.S. behind Minneapolis, are working to prevent young men there from being recruited, and the FBI has said the Minneapolis investigation has created leads in other cities. See the latest Daily coverage on University students being involved in the investigation here.

Minnesota Supreme court to be tested by politics: An Associated Press story (seen here on wcco.com) out today takes a look at the make-up of Minnesota’s high court (five of seven justices appointed by Republican governors), but questions whether this will give Norm Coleman a real advantage. Two of those five are sitting out because of their involvement in the recount, and a former justice says she believes in the court’s ability to act in a nonpartisan way, relying on sound legal reasoning over political bias. Of course whatever decision the court makes will be scrutinized and likely criticized, but such is politics.

OTHER Coleman to give State of City: Lots of Norm Coleman in the news lately, but St.Paul Mayor Chris Coleman will have his time Monday as he gives his State of the City address, according to the Pioneer Press. It will be the final address of his first term in office.