Daily Digest: Kids WILL eat grains, T-Paw state tour

by Mike Rose

Happy Monday, gang. Hope all you fellow Viking fans are as happy as I am today. On that sunny note, let’s jump into some news briefs:

*A new University of Minnesota study shows that kids WILL eat grains…if you’re patient enough with them. The study, detailed here by an LA Times health blog and an International Business Times brief, showed that by gradually increasing the amount of grain in buns and rolls served at lunch, the elementary school students liked the bread and consistenly ate it each day. Guess whole-grain bread isn’t so "yucky" after all, huh, kids?

*Gov. Tim Pawlenty will be travel across the state today to present his jobs and economic development initiative, the Pioneer Press reports.The plan will later be presented to the Legislature for action. Minnesota lost 19,000 jobs the past 12 months and could see another 30,000 lost in 2009, according to the report. T-Paw is schedule to speak at the Capitol, and in Moorhead, Duluth, St. Cloud and Rochester.

*You’re not alone: Nearly one in five college seniors and 25 percent of freshmen come to class without completing readings and/or assignments, USA Today reports. And if you believe in grade inflation, take note: many of these students skipping out on work still report that they get "mostly A’s." Too cool for school, indeed.

Mike Rose

City editor