The high cost of University parking

by Ashley Gregorich - University student

Parking prices for this school are outrageous.

There is a pool for students at the beginning of each semester in hopes that they will get a contract parking card instead of Parking and Transportation Services selling these to students for a set amount.

A student who drives to school five days a week and parks in the lots that are $3.75 (flat rate), are paying approximately $340 a semester.

Some students may not pay attention to how much they are actually spending per semester or realize how fast it adds up. For someone who is paying this out of his pocket and living on his own, it tends to adds up even faster!

Another issue with Parking and Transportation Services is that they reserve specific lots for events, visitors and staff. Once all the lots are taken, you see students scrambling, trying to find a place to park and hoping to arrive to class on time.

Why donâÄôt students get the special treatment of having reserved parking lots and pushing visitors to the ramps where they can pay $3 per hour to park?

Students already pay enough for attending this school. Parking and Transportation Services should be pushing visitors to pay the high rates for parking.