Response to ‘Concerning the debate’

Meredith Fisher

A letter was published yesterday that reprimanded the upcoming abortion debate for having two male speakers discussing the âÄúissues concerning a womanâÄôs body.âÄù If we were to apply this same logic to other social issues, would it be wrong for a straight person to advocate for equal rights for homosexuals? Is it wrong for a legal American citizen to advocate for the rights of undocumented workers? The answer to these questions is obviously no; why then is it wrong for a man to advocate on behalf of the unborn? Whether you are pro-choice, pro-life or indifferent, there is surely something to be learned from professors David Boonin and Peter Kreeft, as they have both written books on abortion and have debated the issue previously. Instead of dismissing the upcoming debate with flawed logic, we should embrace this unique opportunity for an open dialogue to take place on our campus. Meredith Fisher University undergraduate student