Eatery’s closing is location’s fourth in last three years

The corner of Cedar and Riverside avenues on the University’s West Bank is quickly developing a bad reputation among businesses.
Grey Duck, an upscale restaurant with trendy dishes and hard-to-find wines, closed last week, the last in a series of four eateries — New Riverside Cafe, Bella Luna then Emerald Cafe — to meet their ends at the location in the past three years.
Generally poor business was the culprit, but it was less the Grey Duck’s fault than that of the location itself.
The restaurant’s co-owners, Jim and Patty Grell, run two other highly successful businesses in the Twin Cities: Chet’s Taverna in St. Paul and Modern Cafe in northeast Minneapolis. The couple are well-revered for their management skills and status as veteran restauranteurs.
Admittedly, Grey Duck was the priciest cafe to open at Cedar-Riverside, perhaps not the best fit for a low-income area. But even more affordable, one might say grungy, restaurants like New Riverside had to close their doors.
There is no word on the property’s new tenants.