Police find cash,

Sarah McKenzie

University Police seized more than five ounces of marijuana and $1,195 in cash from a 19-year-old man’s car in Dinkytown on Saturday night.
Detective John Henke of University Police filed a criminal complaint against Andrew Duncan, a Fridley resident, on Monday in Hennepin County District Court. Duncan is not affiliated with the University.
Duncan has been charged with fifth degree felony possession of a controlled substance. He has no prior criminal record in Hennepin County.
Around 10 p.m., University Officer David Wilske pulled Duncan over because of expired license tabs. Wilske smelled a strong odor of marijuana from the car, according to the criminal complaint.
After Duncan gave Wilske permission to search his car, the officer found a large sandwich bag of marijuana, a scale and a backpack containing the cash in the trunk.
According to the complaint, Duncan said that he had collected the money along with some friends to purchase the drugs for a camping trip.
If convicted, Duncan faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

In other police news:
ù Unidentified suspects tried to break into an automated teller machine in the St. Paul Student Center on Monday night, but a fire alarm derailed their plans.
Sgt. Joe May said there have been at least three other reported incidents of ATM break-ins since June.
“They were using a torch to open the machine and instead set some papers on fire,” said University Police Detective Charles Miner.
Miner said police officers failed to locate the suspects after the fire alarm alerted them to the attempted burglary.
The four break-ins appear to be related, he said.
“They seem pretty persistent,” Miner said. “But they are not very coordinated.”
The suspects have not made off with any cash from the machines. The other attempted ATM break-ins occurred in Coffman Memorial Union.

ù An unidentified man stole money from a 14-year-old boy along Cedar Avenue South on Thursday.
Chad Kreich, a ninth-grader at Minneapolis South High School, works at a pizza shop in the area and was on his way home when he was robbed.
A man approached him while Kreich was biking along Cedar Avenue South. Kreich said the man asked for a cigarette, and when he said he didn’t have one the man got angry.
“I could see the butt of the gun in his pocket,” Kreich said. “I just gave him everything in my pocket.”
The man made off with $8 and a money clip, according to the police report.
“I asked for my keys back and he chucked them at me,” Kreich said. “It was pretty scary.”
He said he usually gets rides to and from work and plans to stop riding home alone on his bike.
Minneapolis police have no suspects in the robbery.

ù Minneapolis police arrested a 32-year-old man in Dinkytown on Sunday night for allegedly setting fire to another man’s apartment.
Oregon resident Christopher Kingery was charged with fifth-degree assault and arson Tuesday. Police booked him at Hennepin County Jail early Monday morning.
Theodore Scwartz, 46, a bartender at the Gay Nineties Theater Cafe & Bar in Minneapolis met Kingery while at work and invited him over to his apartment for a few drinks.
“He seemed really polite at first,” Scwartz said.
But after a few shots of liquor and a couple of beers, Scwartz said Kingery unexpectedly poured a drink over his head, then proceeded to assault him.
“He hit me twice with both hands hard enough for me to hit the ground,” Scwartz said. He described Kingery as twice his size.
“When he first hit me, I knew he wanted to kill me,” Scwartz said.
Scwartz fled from the apartment and notified police from a nearby cafe.
When he returned to the apartment with the officers, Kingery had started a raging fire in the fireplace, according to the report. Police arrested him at the scene.
Scwartz said many of his clothes and a feather comforter were destroyed in the blaze.
He said he believes he may have been the target of a hate-crime.

ù Three men, believed by police to be gang members, were cited for obstructing a sidewalk along Cedar Avenue and 5th Street South on Saturday.
Bohn said the men were acting in a threatening manner.
University Police Officer Tim Bohn cited Rodney Franklin, 22, Toby Madison, 20, and Larry Craig, 19 for blocking the walkway when officer Mark Pearson was trying to arrest one of their friends.
“We think he was one of their new gang recruits,” Bohn said.