String of thefts in U area

Police reported an attempted robbery in Marcy-Holmes and wallets stolen from Blarney.

by Aaron Job

A male suspect fled the scene before taking any valuables at the scene of an attempted armed robbery in Marcy-Holmes.
Over the last week, police also received many reports of theft — mostly bikes— in the University of Minnesota area. 
Attempted robbery
A bike commuter was nearly robbed at gunpoint in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood last Wednesday, according to police records. 
Micheal McQueen, a 54-year-old bike commuter who works in downtown Minneapolis, said a man reached for a revolver in his waistband and told McQueen to give up his wallet.
Police records show McQueen was near his parked car at the intersection of Fifth Street Southeast and Sixth Avenue Southeast at about 7 p.m.
As the attempted robbery was taking place, McQueen said, he noticed a resident had come out of an apartment building. He said he told the would-be robber that there would be witnesses to the crime and that “it’s not going to be worth your time and effort.”
The suspect then fled the scene. Police are investigating the incident. 
Wallets stolen at Blarney
Multiple wallets were reported stolen from several people at Blarney Bar and Grill last week, according to a police report. 
In the report, Eric Boettcher, a bouncer at the bar, said a woman had been patting down jackets in the bar and taking wallets from them last Wednesday. 
“All of a sudden I felt my purse moving,” said recent University graduate Damjana Supica. “I looked and she had unzipped it and her hand was in my purse.”
Supica’s wallet was not stolen, but she said she notified security shortly after her confrontation with the suspect. 
Kai Tikkanen, another bouncer at Blarney, told police he had seen several wallets in the suspect’s purse. 
John Elder, a Minneapolis Police Department spokesman, said police are reviewing the security footage and a list of suspects.
Roommate rumble 
One roommate left a house on 17th Avenue in Southeast Como divided after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from some of his housemates.
According to a Minneapolis Police report, one of the house’s roommates allegedly stole money, credit cards and account information from the other housemates and outside businesses to fund a spring break trip to Miami Beach, Fla.
“He was in Miami, because all of his pictures and Snapchat filters were from Miami,” said University student Braden Trippel, one of the victims.
Trippel said his housemate stole $1,800 from him and approximately $1,200 from another roommate and racked up a string of fraudulent charges in Miami.
“He’s our brother, man. We’ve lived with him for two-and-a-half years,” he said when asked if there was a motive. “We love this dude.”
The YMCA on Ninth Street South and Grant Enterprises, an online retail business, were also listed as victims on the police report. 
The perpetrator no longer lives at the residence, and Trippel said the former roommates are seeking police action.