Dinkytown TCF robbed, East Bank building burglarized

A man entered the TCF bank, implied that he was armed and demanded money.

Elizabeth Cook

A man is suspected of robbing a TCF bank in Dinkytown at approximately 10 a.m. on June 15.

According to police, he walked into the bank and demanded money from one of the tellers. The man implied that he had a gun, telling the woman that if she did not cooperate, he would shoot her, said Ron Reier, Minneapolis police spokesman.

TCF refused to comment on the robbery. The FBI is looking over the incident and has not released any further details.

Burglary in the Phillips-Wangensteen Building

On Monday morning, an employee noticed a desk drawer in the Phillips-Wangensteen Building had been broken into during the weekend and $187 in cash and checks was missing.

This kind of crime happens occasionally around campus, but it’s not something that happens regularly, said Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University Police Department.

The police currently do not have any suspects.

Marcy-Holmes neighborhood

In the last months, the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood has paid special attention to high rates of vehicle theft and theft from vehicles.

In the 2nd precinct, which the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood is a part of, there have been 216 auto thefts, an increase from last year at 171.

According to 2nd precinct police inspector Val Wurster, the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood has the highest number of auto thefts and thefts from autos in the 2nd precinct of Minneapolis.

Such incidents are more common in Marcy-Holmes because many people and students are renting homes.

Citywide, there have been 1,591 auto thefts in the last year, which is up from last year’s 1,534.

Students can protect themselves from auto break-ins by not leaving keys or valuables in the vehicle. Those who see suspicious activity should also call police immediately, Wurster said.

To help end the problem, police are now watching the neighborhood more closely, Wurster said.

In the last week, no auto thefts were reported and police recovered one vehicle, Wurster said.