Daily Digest: transportation funding, Discovery Channel, and FBI

by Courtney Sinner

It’s Thursday, and that means two things: 1. it’s almost the weekend and 2. this is my last Daily Digest. My tenure at the Daily has ended, and our latest reporter-turned-editor, Alex Ebert will be taking my place. On that note, on to the news:


* According to MPR, Minnesota is STILL hurting for transportation funding and there’s talk of an even higher gas tax, inching closer to that of Wisconsin. Apparently the Federal funds that do this sort of thing are b-r-o-k-e. Shocker. It’s a problem locally, too, because the Central Corridor project keeps being pushed back and now if we don’t get funding … that little train may never make it. On a bright note, though, a U researcher at the Center for Transportation Studies says the nation is in a turning point when it comes to transportation infrastructure. Here’s hoping that that’s a turning point in the right direction.


* A few odd weeks ago, the U came out with a study saying that Minnesota rivers and lakes could be in danger of salt contamination due to our state’s liberal use of salt on roads in the wintertime. Now, the Discovery Channel, yes, THAT Discovery Channel, has an extended article on how salt on roads can impact the environment in the long run.


* Finally, the Daily has written on this, and the Strib picked up an article yesterday, and now the Associated Press has picked up a piece on the Somali group being investigated by the FBI. Check out the AP’s version here.


Happy news reading, folks. Have a good one.




Courtney Sinner

Now-former Campus Editor