Lowest unemployment rate goes uncelebrated

by Molly Novak

According to the numbers released Friday morning, the unemployment rate is at 8.2 percent– the lowest since January of 2009. But the number is not being celebrated.

According to the Washington Post, economic observers are more focused on the number of jobs added in March: 120,000. That number is significantly lower than the 240,000 added in February and not meeting the 205,000 expected for the month.

The unemployment rate can drop even with the a lower number of jobs added because it only takes into account those people actively looking for jobs and doesn't calculate the number who have stopped searching all together.

Despite the low number of jobs added in March, there have been 858,000 jobs added since December — the most solid four month gain in two years, reported KSTP.

Hopes for Obama's re-election may depend partially on the the improvement in the unemployment rate and job creation, said KSTP. since World War II, no incumbent has gone before voters with unemployment rate higher than 7.8 percent.