Daily Digest London: Olympic black market ticket scandal rocks the games

Jeff Hargarten

LONDON – About 27 senior Olympic representatives from 57 countries are accused of trying to sell thousands of coveted event tickets on the black market for inflated prices, following a breaking investigating published in London’s The Sunday Times.

Following a series of worries about transportation, construction, cost and security surrounding the upcoming summer games, International Olympic Committee rules have now allegedly been broken, with some officials asking £6,000 for top tier tickets originally allocated for distribution within their respective countries.

The IOC is considering a complete overhaul to the ticket distribution system, which currently allowed all 204 participating nations to assign their own ticketing agents with very little supervision.

Greek officials have denied having any part in the scandal and have called the paper's investigation flawed.

Ticketing scandals are no new to the games. Amid the 2008 Beijing games, some in the UK were jailed for selling unauthorized tickets online.