Lesbian Scout leader forced to resign

Molly Novak

A lesbian den mother was thrown out of the Boy Scouts of America group because of the organizations ban on gays.

Jennifer Tyrell was removed in April after she was asked to take over as treasurer of the local Boy Scout troop, reported the Associated Press.

The Boy Scouts of America has an oath for members to be "morally straight," and, since it is a private organization, has the right to exclude gays and atheists from participating, reported the Associated Press. This stance was upheld in 2000 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Tyrell's removal has re-ignited the debate over the Scouts policy.

While male scout leaders have been barred for being gay, women exclusions are likely rare and not well-documented, according to the Associated Press.

Due to BSA's policy, Tyrell said she reluctantly let her 7-year-old to join the troop in Bridgeport, where she lives with four children and her partner. The local cub master told Tyrell her sexual orientation didn't matter and she began leading the pack in September.

Tyrell informed parents of her sexual orientation during the first meeting, though some already knew because of her previous involvement with the youth through coaching baseball and volunteering at school, reported AP.

Other parents of the pack have rallied their support behind Tyrell, demanding she be reinstated. They held a protest outside the church where the scout pack held it's meeting last week. Gay rights groups have started an online petition to get the Scouts to change their policy.

"The extent that people care is amazing," Tyrell said to the associated press. "We're a perfectly normal family. We're not dangerous. We're not predators. We're just normal, everyday people."