Dear Dr. Date,I’…

Dear Dr. Date,
I’d like to add a little bit to a topic being discussed recently: the importance of penis size. While a lot of your female readers seem to think bigger is always better, I’m here to tell you this isn’t always the case. I am above average in this department (7 1/2″), and while there are some advantages to this, there are also several disadvantages.
Fellatio: Forget about it. The longest blow job I’ve ever received lasted only about one minute. Most women simply complain about temporomandibular joint problems and avoid it altogether.
Anal Sex: Forget about it. Not that I’d ever want to try it anyhow.
Going without underwear: Forget about it. Obviously, our governor doesn’t have this problem.
Condoms: Normal condoms last only a couple minutes before breaking. For anyone else who has had this experience: Trojan makes a Magnum condom with a little extra room, but don’t expect her to have any in her purse.
I think women should ask themselves if size is really that important or is it just the thought of it that makes them more aroused. When I first started having sex, I left quite a few lovers unsatisfied. As I became more experienced, the sex became more enjoyable for both my partner and me.
Learning how to arouse your partner and pay attention to her desires is more important than any physical attribute.

There are more than a few myths rampaging about in the collective mind of the average male. These phallic fallacies are cause for great concern and great anxiety.
Are you big enough? Maybe. The average erect penis is roughly 5 1/4 inches long. Is that big enough to do the job? It depends on what the job is.
The job is to A) get your partner off and B) get yourself off. Getting yourself to orgasm is usually not a problem, or at least, it has little to do with the size of your penis. Problem A, getting your partner off, is a bit more complicated because just as there are different sized penises, there are also different sized vaginas. In other words, not all women like (or can even accommodate) magnum-sized penises.
Of course, we’re missing the point altogether, aren’t we? The main pleasure center for a woman is the clitoris, which is located outside of the vagina.
Since I do not possess a vagina, I cannot accurately convey what it feels like to have different sized penises inserted into me. I can, however, pass along that I get a wide variety of answers on the subject. There’s enough variation in what people like for me to say with some certainty that you shouldn’t worry too much about being too big or too small.