Dear Dr. Date,Some…

Dear Dr. Date,
Sometimes I cringe when I think of the lack of self-esteem most females today have! Females always say to me “You’re such a nice guy.” In other words, “I like you as a friend, but I’d never want to go out with you.” I get so sick of women thinking they are too good for me when in all likelihood it is probably the other way around. It seems like most women just want the steroid-enhanced, muscle-bound jock, drunk, broke-ass mooching pricks that make up most of the male population today. Whatever happened to intelligence and passion? Sometimes I’d just like to stop these females and say, “Are you that stupid that you don’t think you can do any better?” I’ve had my share of decent relationships, as well as shitty ones, and I’d like to think that most people still know the difference. Do girls today actually want to be abused and cheated on? I’d like to think the answer is no, but I am starting to wonder. I now pose the question to you: What the hell gives?!
— Wondering If I’m the One Who’s the Nut

You know, there are many women who feel the same way about men as you feel about women. Maybe you are the nut. When you scan the crowd for a woman you’d like to know better, do you choose the uniformly tanned Barbie dolls with perfect teeth and big breasts? I doubt you are that choosy and shallow, but it is possible that you are looking for a different kind of woman. If you want to date someone who appreciates your gentlemanly politeness, then don’t go to a bar or party where stupidity reigns.
This is college and not everyone is looking for a life and a spouse. Some people like to party and get down with other attractive, fun people before reality sets in. If you want to be in this crowd, then be more attractive and fun. You don’t have to have muscles to be attractive. A winning smile, confident stride and relaxed attitude can all make you appear very sexy without compromising your standards in the least.
You definitely need to work on the “fun” part of this equation. Contrary to your internal belief system, ruthlessly criticizing everyone with a sourpuss attitude does not make you a better person. What’s so great about thinking everyone is an idiot? The whole world is not against you, so lighten up a little. You don’t need to walk around singing “Don’t worry, be happy,” but you could at least get to know a person before you judge them so resolutely.
There are many great guys out there right now dating the kind of women you want to date. It’s not because they are stronger, richer or more of a jerk, but because they have a more attractive personality.